Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Challenger as a....Charger

Small Fiat Jeep as a small Jeep for the USA

I had a 71 Demon 340. A new Dart coupe Demon.

Sassy Green Charenger

AMC/Chrysler Matador. The real 4 door Matador was a boxy thing.

Played with proportions a bit. Guilty Pleasure.. I like Pacers ;-)


Don't ask...........!

Pontiac G8 to a Buick GS Stage 1, not a big stretch.

GTO + Nomad = MadGoat <G>

Thursday, January 10, 2013


A modern "suicide" door Continental. Everybody it seems doesthem on their show cars (this started out as a Citroen) .

I had a 71 Mark III, what if they did it earlier?

The LS was a great RWD Lincoln.........if they kept it AND improved upon it.

I did this Curbside Classic chop after doing a Cad-ette (Cadillac/Chevette) in the same vein, NOT to be taken seriously!

GR-1+Mark X+1937 Lincoln

Audi Coupe meets Lincoln Mark VIII

Chopped, channeled, and made into a MKS Coupe.

A used 1958 Lincoln Navigator. Parallel Universe? As a watercolor.

MKZ Coupe
Yeah, it's over the top retro. V-12 and loooong 

Started out as a Volvo show car, but it sure looked like a Lincoln to me!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


2014 Boss chop, less Fusion in the nose.

Shooting Brake Sports Wagon

From a Nissan GT-R

A pretty straight forward Evos to Mustang Chop

Adapted from the GR-1

Evos Mach1?


Prototype Cougar that was never made.
This is mine, never made either!

Leather and Wood

From a Mercedes.
I did the stripe idea for a real Cougar restomod, inspired by the El Gato (below)

A real watercolor for a real BOSS 302 Cougar! 

Corel Photoshop "Chop'n"

New to blogs but not to car Photoshops. I won 2 Car&Driver photoshop contests wayyyy back when (1998?) before there was a new Cougar or a new Thunderbird. Unfortunately, in retrospect, they look so bad I won't post them LOL!

Mercury is a good place to start. I was/am a BIG Cougar and Mercury fan.  From the top: Mercury Caliente (from Ford Fiesta), Mercury Cyclone (from Ford Taurus) and Mercury Marauder X-100 (also from Ford Taurus).